Michael Karlesky

A cabinet of wonders. Minus the cabinet. And possibly the wonders.



The word filament comes from the Latin for “thread” and “to spin.” Surely you see where this is going. No? Then allow me to use gratuitous puns. Here you’ll find bright ideas, reflections, yarns spun, and even the occasional flourish of creative writing woven into a tapestry of words. Read…

Go East, Young Man

On some kind of winding journey, I moved from Grand Rapids, Michigan to New York City for graduate school. They tell me I'm here to get a Ph.D. I think I'm here to change the world. We’ll see what happens. Mostly I write for my people back home. Read…

Note the Smile

Note the Smile is a separate blog site I maintain to write about play + technology. You know video games? Yeah, not quite. What happens when technology comes together with playing with blocks or playing dress up or playing with ideas? I’m interested in just how we might all play together in entirely new and meaningful ways.