Michael Karlesky

A cabinet of wonders. Minus the cabinet. And possibly the wonders.


I think I’m supposed to put right here a nice little elevator pitch for myself made up of dynamic adjectives and buzzwords. Instead, I give you this.

Boring Stuff

I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from NYU Tandon School of Engineering. My graduate study specialization was in Human Computer Interaction. I’ve worked for two decades in engineering all manner of gadgets, gizmos, and glowing screens. I’ve failed at a couple entrepreneurial efforts along the way too.

Fun Stuff

I was born at a very early age and grew up in Michigan. In high school I was a briefcase-carrying, calculator-watch-wearing geek. In those days I also performed onstage in elaborate skits. Geek and performer came together in my engineering of a rubber chicken launching device and a life-size dummy dropper for the school stage. In an intro Engineering class I wrote a paper on theme park engineering and tried repeatedly to arrange a behind-the-scenes tour at Cedar Point. I never succeeded.

I am a lifelong aficionado of the finest in almost useful knowledge (Hello, mental_floss and Atlas Obscura!). From time to time, I juggle flaming clubs. For a few years I was an unusually tall triathlete. I have a persistent obsession with the New York City subway system and a chronic case of brown sign disease.

Presently, I am the Director of Software & Electronics at Edenworks, an indoor aquaponic farming startup, where I get to attach sensors to the future of food of production.

We should tackle reality in a slightly jokey way, otherwise we miss its point.
— Lawrence Durrell

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