Michael Karlesky

A cabinet of wonders. Minus the cabinet. And possibly the wonders.


I think it’s safe to say that fall is universally regarded as the most magical time of the year in New York City. The air is crisp, the sunlight is perfect, and there’s amazing color nearly everywhere. Holiday lights are already strung along streets and lit at night. Soon the Christmas tree will go up at Rockefeller Plaza.

This semester continues to be a much appreciated break from the intensity of the previous two years. This term I’m only up to my eyeballs and not over my head. I’m finally to a point where I’m doing really interesting project work and getting to show it. I’ll have more to share in the coming months.

Over the last six to nine months I’ve been indulging my amateur photography bug with my iPhone camera and editing software. You may have noticed that the color and quality of some of the photos I post here have gotten better over time. I try to post both my prettiest and my most interesting photos on Go East, Young Man (prettiest and most interesting are not always the same). If you’re interested to see my most artful photos, I have a relatively new online photo stream just for that.

You won’t be surprised to know that I also indulge my history nerdery whenever I can. And let me tell you, New York City is a nerd’s paradise. I recently pieced together a story from the city’s history that is interwoven with U.S. history. It’s so incredible I had to document it: Two centuries of dirty dealings, death, and design all on your ATM card.