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My 15 Pixels of Fame

When I'm all finished, I will be awarded a degree from within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at NYU•Poly. There's all sorts of different specialty fields within computer science. One of those fields is Human Computer Interaction. This is the umbrella under which I am doing my specific work that will one day be a dissertation that few are likely to ever read.

The Association for Computing Machinery is the academic and professional organization for all those of us in computer science. Among all the conferences and journals and events the ACM organizes, it also puts out a monthly magazine for HCI called Interactions. Interactions just published a short interview with my advisor about our lab.

I'm in the photos. Can't see me? Let me help. Open the article. Scroll down to the collage-style photo. Click it to make it bigger. Look in the lower right. Squint and cock your head to the side. The guy in the white shirt with his back to the camera? That's me.

UPDATE (Oct. 19, 2012): If you had trouble viewing the photo in the original version of this post, I figured out the problem and updated the instructions above so you can see it.